When to Hire an Outside SEO Agency

When to Hire an Outside SEO Agency | Webtek Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t really an option anymore. If you have a website and you want it to do more than just take up digital space, you need to employ at least a minimal amount of SEO. The question for many businesses is whether to bring in an outside SEO agency. Failing to put […]

SEO Audit: What Is It and Why We Do It?

SEO Audit What Is It and Why We Do It | Webtek Marketing

Hiring a new SEO company to help improve search engine performance almost always results in an SEO audit. We do SEO audits here at Webtek. But even if you’re not bringing in a new provider, regular audits are still a good idea. Why? Because the internet is an ever-evolving space. SEO audits are one of […]

Maintaining Site Health with a Technical SEO Audit

Tips for Your Technical SEO Audit

Much of what goes into search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on what people can actually see when they visit a site. That is not without reason. Things like quality content and a site’s readability go a long way toward generating traffic and getting people to stick around. But website owners and SEO experts should never […]

Google’s SERP Features Can Boost Your SEO

Google's SERP Features Can Boost Your SEO

There are two acronyms that pretty much encapsulate everything we do here at Webtek Digital Marketing. Those acronyms are SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP (search engine result page). Whether we are developing a website, launching a digital marketing campaign, or working on a Google ads management project, SEO and SERPs form the foundation. Sound […]

What Google’s Helpful Content Update Means for SEO

What Google's Helpful Content Update Means for SEO

Google is the undeniable world leader among search engines. The company did not become the powerhouse it is by resting on its laurels. Rather, Google is constantly working to improve its services. One of the latest results of that work is known as the Helpful Content update. The most recent iteration of the update was […]

Developing a Productive Website: What is On-Site SEO?

Content Optimization for SEO by Webtek Marketing

Developing a productive site requires that we put a lot of time and effort into onsite SEO. Onsite SEO is non-negotiable. It is absolutely critical to achieving strong search engine results. Likewise, a website needs to perform well in organic searches if potential visitors are going to find it.