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The healthcare industry falls squarely into the realm of WebTek specialties. As such, we’re more than equipped to help organizations like yours succeed in the competitive online marketplace.


The world will always need doctors, hospitals, and healthcare clinics…but you shouldn’t allow  that to lull your organization into a false sense of security. The competitive landscape is fierce,  especially online. Healthcare SEO enables you to stand out in a massive crowd.

WebTek is no stranger to this industry: we have developed highly specialized and efficient  strategies specifically for the healthcare sector. We leverage those strategies with the latest  white-hat SEO practices to generate strong organic results.

A team of medical marketing experts

WebTek discusses the unique challenges and strategies for Healthcare marketing…


WebTek has been a featured keynote digital marketing speaker for various medical  conferences, including EVOLVE, a one-of-a-kind forum that provides a learning environment for  experts in the field. Our presentation touched on the following crucial components to digital  marketing:

The Patient’s Journey

Using Google research data, you can follow a patient’s journey from start to finish. The right  digital marketing can ensure that your organization is found at every step of the process, from the time they notice a condition and research treatments, to the decision on a provider and  booking an appointment.


Why Your Site Isn’t Converting

Learn to capture more patients! From the user experience to offer language, calls to action and highlighting your practice, improvements in your digital marketing can maximize the number of people who not only visit your site, but decide to book an appointment or submit a contact form.



Search engine results pages (or SERPs) generate two types of results: organic and paid. And  while paid ads are an important component of digital marketing, organic results reign supreme. 


  • These results include the ads that generally appear at both the top and bottom of the page.


  • These results are those that make up the main body of a SERP 
  • Roughly 10% of results come from these paid ads.
  • Roughly 90% of all clicks followed from SERPs are organic links
  • Paid results are good.
  • Organic results are better

The truth is, if your healthcare organization is not competing in the organic search arena, it’s not  competing at all. 

First-page results for chosen keywords are an absolute necessity for your business—if this isn’t  happening, chances of customers finding your site through a search engine fall drastically. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to our customers, we focus our SEO efforts on three primary  areas: 

All three are equally important. If you are working with an SEO agency that doesn’t give proper attention to all three, it’s time to find a new agency.


On-page SEO seeks to optimize every aspect of your entire website, from the home page to  your blog, and everything in between. These “under the hood” elements contribute to how well  any given page ranks on SERPs, and WebTek places considerable emphasis on ensuring that  your site provides a positive user experience and the reliable information needed to rank highly.


Combined with the title itself, these tags tell search engines what a given page is about and serve as the clickable headline for the search result.


This is a hidden tag that summarizes, in roughly 160 characters, your content for search engines.


Keywords are the primary ranking  factor for search engines, and we research them extensively to guarantee competitive performance in your industry.


Also known as backlinks, these are second only to keywords in  importance. We combine them with anchor text to improve search engine understanding.


Search engines love these because they make web crawling more efficient—it’s imperative that your site have a recognized site map.


We use these to tell search engines more about the images on your site. In giving search engines more information, site SEO performance improves.


This determines a site’s relevance and importance to search engines, so we develop content that exceeds search engine standards.


This marks the ability of a website to display properly on a variety of devices, and Google now ranks for it.


Sites are also ranked for speed, and the faster a page loads, the more favorably Google will view it.

The nature of healthcare marketing demands that websites be packed with reliable information but still be easy to navigate. To that end, WebTek also puts effort into improving the user experience for healthcare industry websites. We want visitors to leave a client’s site knowing they had a positive experience.


Off-page SEO has a single purpose—to drive traffic that’s not a part of the search engine arena.  This is critical to success in the healthcare industry, as competition is fierce. In working to achieve this, we employ a number of white-hat strategies created around the concept of  outreach. These techniques include:


Social media is the most effective tool for reaching a vast audience, so we work with our healthcare clients to conduct compelling outreach on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other well-known social media sites.


Off-site content can be as important as on-site posts and information. Guest posting opportunities enable us to create backlinks that drive traffic.


Skillfully crafted press releases rank very well on SERP’s, and few industries benefit from them as much as healthcare. We skillfully craft them to keep customers abreast of events, client announcements, and news.


Directory listings can drive substantial traffic, and it’s imperative that your healthcare enterprise take advantage of this opportunity.


Our clients reap the benefits of reputation management services designed to ensure good standing and positive reviews for your organization.

Everything we do off-page is based on the concept of driving traffic to the client’s site. In healthcare, off-page SEO is critical to success. Healthcare organizations have a lot of competition, and customers do not always find sites via search engines.


Healthcare may be a global industry, but people will always search locally when they need a  doctor or hospital, and this makes local SEO an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. In short, if you’re not competing locally, you’re likely missing out on a great deal of traffic. We have a collection of tools and techniques we utilize to increase results and get your organization  seen:


These are incredibly important off-page tools for local SEO. Our goal is to  ensure that healthcare organizations are listed on as man local directories as possible.


Similar to directory listings, citations give visitors important information, including the name, phone number, address, and basic data for a healthcare organization.


Real reviews can boost an organization’s local profile, so we use local SEO to encourage patients to leave positive reviews on the most relevant websites.


This is the small snippet of text just beneath the title in search engine  listings, and local information placed here can make your organization stand out in local, organic searches.

If your organization’s website is not competing locally, you are missing out on a ton of traffic. It makes no sense to invest in SEO if your provider isn’t working on local results. Remember, all healthcare is local in nature.


Yes, 90% of all search engine traffic is generated from organic results… but paid advertisements DO have a place in healthcare SEO. 

The key to this? Coming up with strategic ad campaigns that produce decisive results at a reasonable cost. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads represent one way to accomplish this, and WebTek is  well-equipped to help.

PPC advertising is cost effective in that you only pay when people click your ads, and each click represents a conscious decision by a consumer to learn more. So every penny you spend  produces some kind of result. 

We utilize PPC on both search engines and social media. With strategic keyword analysis and long-term planning, we can launch and maintain PPC ad campaigns, as well as monitor results,  which enables us to work on your behalf to continually improve performance.


Healthcare SEO is a long-term proposition. Overnight results won’t come with a few small keyword- or post-related efforts, but with time and dedication, we can create some pretty compelling SEO results for your healthcare organization.

Data analytics are as important to the success of our work as SEO is to yours. We can track everything from keyword traffic to how much time a visitor spends on your site, and with detailed reports that make sense of the data points, we can find out exactly what is (or is not) working for your organization.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare digital marketing field, we’ve created an efficient and powerful SEO program that dispenses with redundant efforts and focuses on those that will bring you results.


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William SommerWilliam Sommer
00:10 17 Apr 24
That gave me a job! Super stoked.
S DiPaoloS DiPaolo
19:50 27 Nov 23
We have worked with WebTek for almost a year and have been extremely happy with of their work they have done for us. They are extremely professional and responsive to any questions we may have at all times, which is a rare find. We have seen amazing results with our SEO and keyword rankings since working with their team. They go above and beyond for their clients to be as thorough as possible in explaining details and reporting. We look forward to a long future with WebTek. We highly recommend them to anyone!
Angela ElmoreAngela Elmore
21:56 29 Jun 23
They did great work for my business. They were professional, attentive and extremely efficient with their work.
Kety LopezKety Lopez
16:43 10 Apr 23
Webtek, has helped me achieved my goals for my practice. They're professional & effective. Oscar is the best!
David MosinskiDavid Mosinski
22:10 28 Mar 23
If you have an e-commerce site and want lower CPC and more sales WebTek is an excellent partner! The team is responsive and will accomplish your business goals!
Webtek has been a great agency partner to work with! They've helped my client's SEO position and strategy immensely. Their packages include everything a scaling business needs. Plus, they're flexible and talented enough to work outside of only WP — which is a huge plus. Strongly recommend Justin, Richard, and the team!
Allison CargillAllison Cargill
17:14 20 Dec 21
Webtek has been excellent to work with, their management of our site and insight in other areas of marketing has been top notch. Very professional, responsive and thorough. We are appreciative of the work they have done and will continue doing business with them.
21:19 28 May 21
I first met Justin and Scott when my e-commerce business was failing due to lack of sales. They did a deep dive on my website, my products, and my industry and made amazing recommendations and implemented a marketing strategy that completely turned the whole thing around. We started selling very quickly with their help and we were nailing our sales targets in no time.I'd recommend Webtek for anyone who wants to grow their business and needs some digital marketing experts added to their team.
Megan TyrrellMegan Tyrrell
12:16 12 May 21
I own a small business in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and we have been working with Webtek over the last year. We have seen huge improvements in our online presence. We are in a continual growth pattern and I am really happy with their services. It's been a great experience!

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