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Sales and marketing have traditionally been viewed as separate disciplines. Marketing gets the word out, sales closes the deal. This model worked well back in the days before widespread digital marketing. Today, not so much. In our industry, we refer to the separation between sales and marketing as a siloing. WebTek now offers Salesforce integration services as a means of combining siloed systems.

Siloed systems may function at baseline, but they do not allow for any integration. They also make it more difficult to understand a company’s big picture. By integrating siloed systems, previously siloed systems work together rather than independently. The result is a more complete picture of company performance as well as shared resources that boost efforts across the board


We couldn’t think of a better platform through which to integrate sales and digital marketing than Salesforce. As a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce has few rivals. It is the one by which all others are judged.

One of the best things about Salesforce is its modular nature. Anyone can start with a Salesforce base and build it into a customized environment by selecting the right modules. Here at WebTek, our two primary focuses are CRM integration and data integration, via the cloud.

Salesforce gives us the opportunity to tie your current CRM strategies in with our marketing strategies. We handle the marketing for you while your sales team goes out and closes the deals. We share resources through Salesforce for a more dynamic outreach effort.

Cloud integration through Salesforce ensures that everyone involved with marketing and sales has access to the same data. Moreover, data is available in real time. This ensures that the marketing and sales teams are always on the same page, working toward the same goals using the same data sets.


Salesforce is a CRM platform like no other. We chose it as our sales and marketing integration tool because of what it brings to the table. In addition to being fully customizable through modules, Salesforce offers some very distinct advantages:

  • Connecting front office with back
  • The ability to automate business processes
  • Increased functionality for the sales team
  • A more complete customer view
  • A more consistent customer experience
  • Closed-loop reporting.

With Salesforce integration, we take your marketing to the next level:

  • More Leads – We utilize all of Salesforce’s best marketing tools to generate more quality leads for your sales team. More leads mean more opportunities to close the deal.
  • Smarter Engagement – Salesforce will give your sales team tools to help them engage with leads in a smarter way. They will better identify the best leads, follow up with them faster, and track the results in real time.
  • More Meaningful Relationships – Through Salesforce integration, your sales team will spend less time on the mechanics of sales and more time nurturing their relationships with clients. The result should be more business.
  • Performance Tracking – From tool-to-tool and client-to-client, Salesforce fosters better results through performance tracking. One look at your dashboard will tell you exactly what is working and what is not. You can make changes immediately.

In addition to all of this, you may be able to integrate other siloed systems into the Salesforce platform. Everything from project management to customer service software can be integrated with the platform in some way. We can get you started with cloud and CRM integration; you can add more siloed systems as you see fit.


WebTek is your Salesforce integration agency for combining digital marketing with your sales efforts. Our proven track record as a successful digital marketing firm demonstrates we have the knowledge and experience to bring your marketing and sales teams together. We know how to market. You know how to sell. We can tie it all together in Salesforce.

When you choose us as your Salesforce integration partner, you get:

  • a comprehensive analysis of your company’s needs
  • an integration plan for your approval, including proposed solutions
  • implementation and testing of the salesforce platform
  • post-installation support coupled with ongoing marketing services.

Rest assured that our goal is never to deploy Salesforce and then leave our customers on their own. Even if you do not place your marketing services with us, we are still here to support Salesforce integration. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Salesforce is a tool that enhances your business rather than harming it.


You already have a strong marketing plan utilizing a variety of digital, print, and broadcast media. Now it is time to take your marketing efforts further by combining both front- and back-office functions. Integrate both marketing and sales through the Salesforce platform and give your team the advantage they need to win.


We did not choose the Salesforce platform on a whim. We have been researching them for quite a while, and we are confident in their proven tools and technologies. The Salesforce suite of tools for sales and marketing is exceptionally long. Moreover, every tool adds value to the platform.

In terms of technology, Salesforce is on the cutting edge. It utilizes a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to automate repetitive tasks. Furthermore, AI can give your sales team a better understanding of everything from the strongest leads to those relationships that need extra nurturing.


WebTek also offers Salesforce integration consultation in addition to our full integration services. Maybe you are already working with Salesforce to improve your front- and back-office operations. We can help you integrate digital marketing strategies. We can also recommend how to improve your marketing efforts in order to give your sales team more qualified leads to work with.

If you would like to know more about Salesforce integration services from WebTek, do not hesitate to get in touch. Salesforce is not only the future of CRM, but it is also the present as well. It’s time your company takes sales and marketing to the next level by bringing them out of the silo and into an integrated Salesforce platform.

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William SommerWilliam Sommer
00:10 17 Apr 24
That gave me a job! Super stoked.
S DiPaoloS DiPaolo
19:50 27 Nov 23
We have worked with WebTek for almost a year and have been extremely happy with of their work they have done for us. They are extremely professional and responsive to any questions we may have at all times, which is a rare find. We have seen amazing results with our SEO and keyword rankings since working with their team. They go above and beyond for their clients to be as thorough as possible in explaining details and reporting. We look forward to a long future with WebTek. We highly recommend them to anyone!
Angela ElmoreAngela Elmore
21:56 29 Jun 23
They did great work for my business. They were professional, attentive and extremely efficient with their work.
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16:43 10 Apr 23
Webtek, has helped me achieved my goals for my practice. They're professional & effective. Oscar is the best!
David MosinskiDavid Mosinski
22:10 28 Mar 23
If you have an e-commerce site and want lower CPC and more sales WebTek is an excellent partner! The team is responsive and will accomplish your business goals!
Webtek has been a great agency partner to work with! They've helped my client's SEO position and strategy immensely. Their packages include everything a scaling business needs. Plus, they're flexible and talented enough to work outside of only WP — which is a huge plus. Strongly recommend Justin, Richard, and the team!
Allison CargillAllison Cargill
17:14 20 Dec 21
Webtek has been excellent to work with, their management of our site and insight in other areas of marketing has been top notch. Very professional, responsive and thorough. We are appreciative of the work they have done and will continue doing business with them.
21:19 28 May 21
I first met Justin and Scott when my e-commerce business was failing due to lack of sales. They did a deep dive on my website, my products, and my industry and made amazing recommendations and implemented a marketing strategy that completely turned the whole thing around. We started selling very quickly with their help and we were nailing our sales targets in no time.I'd recommend Webtek for anyone who wants to grow their business and needs some digital marketing experts added to their team.
Megan TyrrellMegan Tyrrell
12:16 12 May 21
I own a small business in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and we have been working with Webtek over the last year. We have seen huge improvements in our online presence. We are in a continual growth pattern and I am really happy with their services. It's been a great experience!

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