WordPress SEO Services

Wordpress SEO Services

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web. More importantly, just over 42% of all global websites are powered by WordPress. That works out to more than eighty-five million sites. People love WordPress because it is so easy to use. It is also SEO friendly. 

WordPress is marketed as SEO friendly out-of-the-box. It is, compared to other CMS options and building websites from scratch. But like anything else, a WordPress site has to be set up properly to take full advantage of its SEO capabilities. That is where WordPress SEO comes in.

We Know SEO Fundamentals

Taking advantage of WordPress SEO requires understanding SEO fundamentals. We do. We understand exactly what it takes to get WordPress-powered websites into the best possible position on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is all about:

  • comprehensive keyword research
  • quality code under the hood
  • inbound and outbound links
  • quality, relevant content
  • hierarchal site construction.

The mistake people make when using WordPress is assuming its SEO friendly nature means they do not have to do anything but choose a theme, throw up some content, and share it on social media. It doesn’t work that way. WordPress is SEO friendly, but it is not SEO autonomous.

We Know WordPress SEO

We know WordPress like you know the back of your hand. We are intimately familiar with all the built-in tools for improving SEO performance. Best of all, we know how to take everything WordPress has to offer and use it to get maximum exposure for your site.

Webtek WordPress SEO service includes:

  • In-Depth Keyword Research – Keywords are critically important even when using WordPress. We provide in-depth keyword research designed to make all your content perform well on search engines.
  • Optimized Permalinks – WordPress permalinks are essentially the URLs that search engines see. We optimize them by bringing them in line with the latest SEO standards.
  • Optimized Themes – Everything on a WordPress site is built on top of a theme. We utilize only SEO optimized themes to ensure client websites are working for them, rather than against them.
  • Link Building Strategies – Search engines pay close attention to internal, outbound, and inbound links when ranking sites. We make sure WordPress sites have strong internal and outbound links.
  • Image Optimization – We optimize images for WordPress by giving them strong titles and including image alt text to help search engines understand what images depict.
  • Quality Content – WordPress is a content management system, first and foremost. We emphasize the ‘content’ portion by giving our clients high quality content their visitors want to consume.
  • Rock Solid Code – The code under the hood is just as important as what visitors see. This includes headers. We make liberal use of headers to help search engines further understand content topic and relevance.

WordPress SEO and Plugins

WordPress is pretty simple out-of-the-box. Its functionality can be enhanced and extended with the use of plugins. The question is, are there plugins to enhance SEO performance? In a word, yes.

When appropriate, we can install and utilize SEO plugins on behalf of clients. We can also train clients how to use the plugins themselves, enabling them to continue doing some SEO optimization work on their own. A good SEO plugin helps website owners:

  • create snippets for individual pages and posts
  • create SEO friendly page titles
  • come up with creative slugs
  • write SEO friendly meta-descriptions
  • check keyword density
  • create and submit an XML sitemap.

These are all things that we include in our WordPress SEO service package. But if you would like a plugin so you can manage these things yourself, we are more than happy to install one for you.

Speed and Mobile Friendliness

Speed and mobile friendliness are just as important to WordPress SEO as keyword research and link building. Search engines rank for both, and increasingly more so as time goes on. You cannot afford for your WordPress site to be slow. It absolutely cannot be unfriendly to mobile devices.

Website Speed

Search engines know that web users have little tolerance for slow sites. Their crawlers keep track of load times as they crawl. A WordPress site that is too slow to load automatically loses ranking power. The fastest sites rank the best.

Mobile Friendliness

Ever since Google announced its mobile-first search algorithm a few years ago, website owners have been struggling to get their non-optimized sites up to speed. We don’t try to play catch-up. We make WordPress sites mobile friendly right from the start.

WordPress may be SEO friendly out-of-the-box but maximizing search engine performance still requires some knowledge and effort. We provide both with our comprehensive WordPress SEO services. Let us work together to make sure your WordPress site really pops.

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