How SEO and Digital Marketing Work Together to Drive Sales

How SEO and Digital Marketing Work Together to Drive Sales

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Webtek Digital Marketing recently implemented a name change and a re-brand. When we first started, we concentrated exclusively on SEO in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the years, our business expanded to include SEO services across the country alongside a growing menu of digital marketing services. Our growth and expansion were just a reflection of the evolution of the internet itself.

Today, we combine SEO with digital marketing to drive sales for our clients. Though some marketing companies in Utah and elsewhere treat SEO and digital marketing as completely separate disciplines, our approach is to apply them together. In doing so, we help drive sales on multiple fronts.

Their Differences

SEO and digital marketing are technically not the same things, despite the terms being used interchangeably. In the strictest sense, SEO is about nothing more than improving a website’s performance on the major search engines. As the thinking goes, the better a site performs on search engine result pages (SERPs), the more traffic that website will receive. Increased traffic should translate into increased sales.

Digital marketing is different to the extent that it focuses more on sales rather than internet traffic. Marketing is about selling products and services. It is about getting the word out. In that sense, digital marketing is much broader in its scope and appeal.

A good way to look at it is as follows: SEO’s primary goal is to drive traffic, while digital marketing’s primary goal is to turn that traffic into revenue. Having said that, there is quite a bit of overlap between the two. That overlap is why Webtek is no longer limited to SEO services in Salt Lake City.

Their Similarities

SEO and digital marketing do share multiple similarities. For starters, neither one succeeds all that well if we don’t understand a client’s business. Whenever we start working with a new client, we take the time to get to know that clients’ business to the fullest extent. We need to know:

  • the products or services they sell
  • the people or companies they hope to sell to
  • what their brand means to customers
  • their general company philosophy
  • their mission, vision, and goals.

Both successful SEO and digital marketing rely on fully understanding the company and its customers. The more complete the understanding, the better the results.

Digital marketing and SEO are also similar in the need for keyword research. Keywords are those individual words or phrases people utilize when searching for something. They are critical to SEO in that they are still the number one means for ranking websites in organic searches.

Keywords are useful to digital marketing in the sense that they give marketers a better understanding of the customer mindset. Knowing the words and phrases customers use to find information online gives marketers direction for crafting effective marketing messages, creating online ads, and so forth.

Your Organization Needs Both

The internet has changed quite a bit over the last 25 years. So has marketing. What worked back in the 1990s isn’t effective in the 21st century. We say all that to say this: do not settle for either SEO or digital marketing. Your organization needs both. Your organization needs the results that combining the two practices produces.

We provide digital marketing and SEO services throughout Utah and the U.S. If you want to know more about how our services can drive your sales, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated teams in Salt Lake City and Austin are ready to get to work. We want to help you succeed online.

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