Use AI to Enhance SEO Content Creation, Not Eliminate Creators

Use AI to Enhance SEO Content Creation, Not Eliminate Creators | Webtek Marketing

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was released for public consumption late last year. Everyone seemed enamored with it. So much so that self-proclaimed digital marketing experts began predicting the end of human content creators in favor of generative AI tools. We say, “not so fast.” Generative AI is definitely a useful tool […]

Content Marketing: Tips for SEO Companies

Content Marketing: Tips for SEO Companies | Webtek Marketing

Content marketing is one of the hottest things in digital marketing right now. There is a good reason for that. As Google and its competitors are faced with sorting out an ever-growing mountain of online content, they need better ways to serve the helpful content users want. This fundamental principle is something every SEO company […]

Why Your Legal Website Is Not Generating Leads?

Legal SEO

Your law firm has invested time, effort, and money into building a website. Yet your site isn’t generating the expected leads. Why? In all likelihood, there is more than one reason your legal website isn’t generating leads. There could be a half-dozen or more. A website is a highly complex marketing tool. And just like […]

5 Tips for Generating More Patients from Your Healthcare Website

Your healthcare practice website is more than just an internet-based business card. It is an online tool for making every aspect of your practice accessible to your patients as needed. It is also your number one tool for generating new patients. Understand that your practice is a business as much as an avenue for dispensing […]

Digital Marketing Services

On-Site/Technical SEO

Digital Marketing Services We amplify your business online, and that’s no small feat. WebTek is a full-stack digital  marketing agency. Our strategies are as innovative as they are effective, and we consistently  deliver top-quality results. Making your brand seen and heard can be a daunting task, but we geek out over the ever evolving world […]

Google Partners Digital Breakfast Coming Up on September 22nd!

On Thursday, September 22nd at 9:00am at Church & State, WebTek Interactive is teaming up with Google to bring a Digital Breakfast to the Salt Lake business community. You’re invited to sign up and join us for an exclusive, live event co-hosted by Google. At the event you’ll enjoy breakfast on us, and learn about […]

8 New Google Innovations: Marketers, Take Note!

Last Tuesday, six Google executives got on stage and dished out some important (and exciting) information on some near-future Google innovations and product updates. We got together and livestreamed the Google Ads and Analytics Innovations Keynote at WebTek and wanted to share what we’re most excited about and the ones that pertain most to our […]

Blog Management: Content Is King

Is it fair to say that the “content is king” phrase dominates today’s SEO landscape? We believe so. Yet on the other hand, it is probably one of the most profound truths of Internet marketing. B stajova . Moreover, it is especially true in terms of blog management.

What You Need to Know about Content Marketing

In the ever-changing world of online marketing, the strategies employed by webmasters and SEO companies must be right on the cutting edge if maximum results are to be realized. That’s where effective content marketing comes into play. Content marketing is an overall strategy of managing your site’s content through numerous channels simultaneously.