Should You Outsource to Web Development Professionals?

Should You Outsource to Web Development Professionals? | Webtek Digital Marketing | Web Programmer Working at a Computer

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Should You Outsource to Web Development Professionals? | Webtek Digital Marketing | Web Programmer Working at a Computer

Let us open this post with a very direct question: Who currently handles your company’s website? Is it your SEO provider? Or maybe you have a marketing expert with limited experience in WordPress on staff. Perhaps it’s time to turn your site over to web development professionals.

Webtek Digital Marketing was built from the ground up as a digital marketing and SEO firm. We have been at this long enough that we feel it’s fair to say we are experts in the field. Webtek is certainly an industry leader throughout Utah.

It makes sense that we encourage companies to leave SEO and digital marketing to professionals like us. We do SEO and digital marketing best because it is all we do. But could the same thing be said about web development? Should companies trust their websites to third-party vendors?

At Least One Googler Thinks So

Deciding who handles a company’s website can be a sensitive matter. Company ownership is particularly protective of brand and image, and many struggle to let someone else handle their sites. But that might be a mistake, at least according to one influential Googler.

Google’s John Mueller recently weighed in on the topic via a fascinating Reddit conversation about WordPress, Wix and SEO in general. Mueller brought up three points we consider pretty interesting:

  1. Most people should not be handling their own websites or servers.
  2. Professionals are the most qualified to handle web development.
  3. Change is part of the web; experts adapt to that change faster.

What we have written here are not John Mueller’s words verbatim. We have paraphrased his thoughts for easier digestion. The point he was making is pretty clear: just like your company is an expert at whatever you do, professional web developers are experts at what they do. Mueller recommends letting professionals handle your website.

An Agency That Does It All

All of this begs the question of whether a digital marketing agency or SEO provider should also be handling web development. That depends on staff and capabilities. Here at Webtek, we employ a team of web development professionals alongside our SEO and marketing professionals. We have individual teams that specialize in individual tasks. Therefore, we can handle web development without issue.

There may be other SEO firms with very little web development experience among staff members. Their SEO experts know enough about WordPress to get by, but their lack of web development expertise is obvious. This is the type of thing Mueller recommends avoiding.

An SEO agency or digital marketing firm without web development professionals on staff should probably contract such services out to a third-party provider. That is the best way to do right by clients. Likewise, businesses that handle website development, SEO, and digital marketing in-house should seriously evaluate their own level of expertise. Where it is lacking, a partner should be brought in.

Web Development Professionals Know the Web is Constantly Changing

Mueller’s point about a changing web shouldn’t be taken lightly. The internet has absolutely gotten more complicated in the 30 years since it was first made public. Today’s internet is not what we were dealing with back in the 1990s. Its growing complexity requires far more knowledge and expertise than it ever did way back when.

So, who is handling website development for your company? And how about SEO and digital marketing? Unless you have knowledgeable and experienced professionals on staff, keeping things in-house is probably not in your company’s best interests. Perhaps it’s time to outsource to companies that specialize in such services. Let them do their thing while you and your staff do yours.

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