On-Site / Technical SEO

There are two primary types of search engine optimization (SEO) from which all other SEO-related things flow: on-site and off-site. On-site deals with those elements that exist on the client’s own website. It covers everything from visible content to the underlying code. Any additional SEO elements not existing on the client’s site exist elsewhere. They constitute off-site SEO.

Take note that on-site SEO is sometimes referred to as on-page or technical SEO. The ‘technical’ aspect comes into play when addressing those elements found under the hood, so to speak. A good example would be the permalink structure on websites powered by WordPress.


Certain aspects of a website are more important to SEO than others. Here are the most important ones to on-site SEO:

  • Content – It has been said that content is king. It truly is. If there were no content, there would be no World Wide Web. As such, content must be optimized if it is to perform well in search engine results. We optimize content through keyword usage, formatting techniques, links, and so forth.
  • Links – Links add credibility to the pages they are found on. On-site SEO concerns itself with two types of links: outbound and internal. Outbound links point to external sites; internal links point to other pages on the same site.
  • Navigation – Search engine crawlers navigate websites in much the same way humans do. They follow the hierarchical structure a website presents. This structure can be optimized for better search engine performance.
  • Underlying Code – Certain aspects of a website’s underlying code can be optimized for SEO purposes. The use of alt tags and meta-descriptions are just two examples. These are things users do not see. However, search engine crawlers see them.
  • Site Maps – Site maps are essentially road maps for search engines. Creating an optimized site map makes it easier for a search engine to understand a website’s intent as well as its structure and core content.


On-site SEO seeks to make every aspect of a client’s website as friendly as possible to search engines. The better we are at implementing it, the better our clients’ websites perform on all the major search engines.


Organic searches still produce the most traffic for websites. As such, a website’s performance is directly related to how search engines rank it. Also understand that the higher a page ranks, the more likely it is to drive traffic. Thus, the goal is to rank as high as possible, as consistently as possible.

In the highly competitive online marketplace, on-site SEO is critical to competing effectively. Properly implemented, on-site SEO:

  • improves SERPs performance
  • increases visibility
  • drives traffic
  • improves conversion.


If your site has not been optimized for better SEO performance, you are truly missing out. Why continue to do so? Let us employ the latest SEO strategies and techniques that will propel your site to the top – and keep it there.

William SommerWilliam Sommer
00:10 17 Apr 24
That gave me a job! Super stoked.
S DiPaoloS DiPaolo
19:50 27 Nov 23
We have worked with WebTek for almost a year and have been extremely happy with of their work they have done for us. They are extremely professional and responsive to any questions we may have at all times, which is a rare find. We have seen amazing results with our SEO and keyword rankings since working with their team. They go above and beyond for their clients to be as thorough as possible in explaining details and reporting. We look forward to a long future with WebTek. We highly recommend them to anyone!
Angela ElmoreAngela Elmore
21:56 29 Jun 23
They did great work for my business. They were professional, attentive and extremely efficient with their work.
Kety LopezKety Lopez
16:43 10 Apr 23
Webtek, has helped me achieved my goals for my practice. They're professional & effective. Oscar is the best!
David MosinskiDavid Mosinski
22:10 28 Mar 23
If you have an e-commerce site and want lower CPC and more sales WebTek is an excellent partner! The team is responsive and will accomplish your business goals!
Webtek has been a great agency partner to work with! They've helped my client's SEO position and strategy immensely. Their packages include everything a scaling business needs. Plus, they're flexible and talented enough to work outside of only WP — which is a huge plus. Strongly recommend Justin, Richard, and the team!
Allison CargillAllison Cargill
17:14 20 Dec 21
Webtek has been excellent to work with, their management of our site and insight in other areas of marketing has been top notch. Very professional, responsive and thorough. We are appreciative of the work they have done and will continue doing business with them.
21:19 28 May 21
I first met Justin and Scott when my e-commerce business was failing due to lack of sales. They did a deep dive on my website, my products, and my industry and made amazing recommendations and implemented a marketing strategy that completely turned the whole thing around. We started selling very quickly with their help and we were nailing our sales targets in no time.I'd recommend Webtek for anyone who wants to grow their business and needs some digital marketing experts added to their team.
Megan TyrrellMegan Tyrrell
12:16 12 May 21
I own a small business in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and we have been working with Webtek over the last year. We have seen huge improvements in our online presence. We are in a continual growth pattern and I am really happy with their services. It's been a great experience!

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