Low-Cost Digital Marketing Investments for Therapists

Low-Cost Digital Marketing Investments for Therapists

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The emergence of mental health and wellness services among the general public has given rise to new opportunities for therapists to expand their practices by bringing in new clients. Now is the time to invest in digital marketing designed to reach potential clients where they are.

Please understand that you don’t have to spend a ton on digital marketing to use it effectively. Feel free to invest significantly if your budget allows it. But if not, there are a number of low-cost digital marketing investments that are still remarkably effective for therapists.

Invest in Paid Content

Our industry has long relied on the basic digital marketing truth that content is king. As a therapist, your online reputation is largely driven by the content on your website. It is complemented by content you place on other sites that link back to yours.

We recommend investing in paid content that has been SEO optimized. If you don’t know what SEO or search engine optimization is, don’t be afraid to try to educate yourself to see what the basics are.  Even if you end up hiring someone like our SEO experts here at Webtek Marketing,  it’s good to have an idea of what they’ll be c  Paid content, particularly when it’s written, increases visibility by giving Google and its competitors the exact kind of information they need to place your site near the top of the search engine listings you covet most. Your SEO efforts are enhanced when all your content – written or otherwise – has an educational focus.

Invest in Professional Pictures and Videos

When potential clients visit your website, they are hoping to see things that make them comfortable about you, your practice, and your office. There is no better way to project that image than investing in professionally produced photographs and videos.

Photos and videos should clearly show what your office looks like. It should depict you and your staff at work, perhaps answering the phone or doing research on the computer. And if you cannot afford professional services, at least use your phone to capture still and video images. These images are critical to making a connection with potential clients.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an effective tool for most industries. It can be especially effective in the mental health field, where clients are often looking for detailed information pertaining to their own lives and needs. We recommend investing in marketing emails, newsletters, etc.

The best thing about email marketing is its cost. For a comparatively small investment, your practice can reach far and wide. However, be circumspect. Target your email recipients by establishing a mailing list that clients can voluntarily subscribe to and unsubscribe from.

Maximize Your GMB Listing

Google My Business (GMB) very likely has a profile for your therapy practice. You can take control of that profile by creating a free GMB account and then updating the profile for accuracy. Accurate information, combined with an enticing and SEO-rich description, can ultimately make your GMB profile a virtual online address that points clients to your practice.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Among all low-cost digital marketing investments, social media stands out in terms of its sheer reach. Take advantage of it by optimizing all your social media channels. Start by making sure all the business information on your pages is correct. Then turn your attention to content.

Ideally, you want what is known as ‘push and pull’ content. This is content that pulls in social media followers and then pushes them to your website. It is content that your followers actually want to share on their own pages. It can include short videos, graphics, and educational/informative posts about mental health and your practice.

Digital marketing for therapists does not have to cost a fortune. If your budget is limited, consider these low-cost options to build your brand and expand your practice.

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