Local Citations

Among the least utilized strategies in the SEO toolbox is the local citation. Like it or not, all business is local. Even the world’s biggest corporations began as local businesses. If you cannot make a go of it locally, you will never make a go of it regionally, across the state, or around the country.

As SEO specialists, we know the importance of local citations. We use them whenever we can to promote businesses in Salt Lake City, Dallas, and beyond.


A local citation is a mention of your company in local SERPs. Let’s say you run a health food store. Someone might search the term ‘vitamins and supplements in Salt Lake City’. If your website is optimized for local citations, it will appear in the search results – complete with your company name, address, and telephone number. But wait, there’s more.

Local citations can appear outside of organic searches. They appear in:

  • mobile apps
  • online directories
  • business reviews
  • map searches.


The more places local citations appear, the more exposure your website and business gain. We believe in placing a strong emphasis on local citations as a means of improving local search performance.


You may have heard of NAP in relation to local citations. What is it? NAP is an acronym that stands for name, address, and phone. These are the three most critical elements in any local citation.

  • Your name tells people who you are.
  • Your address tells them where to find you.
  • Your phone number offers an immediate point of contact.


It is important to keep NAP updated on your own website so that external references are correct. And when you find incorrect citations externally, it is in your best interest to contact website owners and offer corrected information.


The internet is a data behemoth that grows by the day. Indeed, millions of new pages are added on a weekly basis. With that kind of competition, getting the necessary exposure for your website is not easy. Local citations give you the edge where local customers are concerned.

A common way people search for information is by asking a question. Someone might search the following question on Google: “Where can I find a health food store near me?” That sort of search is ideal for getting your business the kind of exposure it needs.

Your business serves local customers. Those customers look for the products or services you provide by way of local searches. Tying the two together are local citations. The more local citations you have working for you, the more likely customers will find your site – and your business, too!

Here at WebTek, we know local search inside and out. We use every tool available to us, including local citations, to achieve maximum exposure for your website. We drive local traffic to you. We convert local visitors to paying customers. One of the ways we do so is by utilizing local citations.

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