Is Email Marketing Part of Your Company’s Overall Strategy?

Is Email Marketing Part of Your Company's Overall Strategy?

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Is Email Marketing Part of Your Company's Overall Strategy?

If your company works with a digital marketing agency to get your products and services in front of consumers, we are willing to bet that you also have an overall marketing strategy that encompasses multiple approaches. How about email marketing? Is it one of your company’s approaches? Is it part of your company’s overall digital marketing strategy?

The SEO and digital marketing experts of 15 years ago firmly believed that email marketing was dead. They felt that email, in general, had outlived its purpose in an era when social media was exploding. But reality says otherwise. Not only did email not die 15 years ago, but it is also as strong as it has ever been.

Billions of Emails Daily

Believe it or not, companies and individuals send billions of emails every single day. An estimated 269 billion were sent and received in 2017. In 2022, the total number of emails sent and received exceeded 333 billion. A conservative estimate suggests more than 392 billion by 2026.

Email continues to be a primary means of digital communication because it is fast, cost-effective, and amazingly simple. If it were not effective as a means of marketing, you wouldn’t get so much spam email in your inbox. But the truth is that spammers keep sending it because people keep responding to it.

What Email Marketing Can Do for You

As a Utah SEO and digital marketing agency, Webtek utilizes email marketing on a regular basis. We recommend it to customers for whom we believe it’s right. Know that it is not the right strategy for every company. If it is for yours, here is what email marketing could do:

  • Generate sales leads.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Help promote services and products.
  • Improve your customer service.
  • Build relationships with your customers.
  • Keep your brand in front of customers.

All these things are possible when email marketing is utilized the right way. Where so many companies fall down is in how they do it. Without the right strategy, email can be very unproductive. But with the right strategy, it can be a game-changer.

Email Marketing’s Big Advantages

Every digital marketing strategy your company utilizes should bring something positive to the table. A strategy has to offer some advantage to make it worthwhile. It turns out that email marketing offers several advantages. Here they are:

  • Impressive ROI – A conservative estimate of email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) is an impressive 36x. In other words, companies earn $36 for every dollar spent on email marketing.
  • Scalability – Few marketing strategies scale as easily and quickly as email marketing. Email campaigns can be scaled up or down almost instantly and without significant financial investment.
  • Message Targeting – By building different email lists based on well researched criteria, marketers can target their audiences more effectively. Marketing messages can be sent only to consumers who are most likely to act positively on them.
  • Message Personalization – Personalization could be the biggest advantage of all. Emails can be highly personalized to each person who receives them. Even better, personalization can be achieved through automation.

As an SEO and digital marketing agency with years of experience in the email marketing realm, we can tell you that this form of marketing is alive and well. It remains one of the most effective forms of marketing in terms of ROI and customization.

If it is not part of your overall marketing strategy, we would encourage you to reconsider that decision. Email marketing could very well transform not only your entire marketing strategy, but also the results it achieves. You will never know if you don’t take a look.

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