There are multiple ways to engage your website visitors with content. Infographics are among them. Over the years, infographics have matured to become an exceptionally reliable way to deliver content in an easy-to-understand format. Infographics combine visually attractive graphics with text-based content. The text is intentionally written to be clear, concise, and direct. Combining it with attractive graphics creates a visual that not only helps visitors understand the information being presented, but also retain it.


The power of the infographic rests in its ability to present information in bite-size chunks. That makes it a great tool for presenting:

  • facts and figures
  • industry statistics
  • important bullet points
  • abstract principles.


Your company might want to present some newly discovered industry statistics that you believe your customers need to know. Embedded in a blog post, the statistics could prove too difficult to comprehend. An infographic makes them easy to understand. Your readers consume the information in bite-size chunks and then move on. How’s that for short and sweet?


Our experienced team is well-versed in creating eye-catching and memorable infographics. We utilize expert graphic artists capable of putting together just the right images. We combine their creations with expertly crafted text from writers who know how to get to the point. The result is an unforgettable presentation of information that can be consumed in a short time.


What good are your infographics if no one sees them? Not much. At Webtek, we address that as well. We create infographics that are highly shareable on social media and your own website. The more shareable they are, the more potential they have to reach your intended audience.

A well-conceived infographic can easily reach a much wider audience than blog posts and informational articles. It is all about the visuals. People latch on to things that are visually appealing, even if a visual contains text-based information that would otherwise be ignored.

The infographics we create are designed specifically to fuel sharing. They can be tweeted, posted on Facebook and Instagram, and published on a variety of websites. With the right information, they could even be picked up by other writers as reference material for their posts. All the while, the infographics link back to your website. This is how we drive traffic.


It has been our experience that infographics are one of the most underutilized SEO tools in the industry. Perhaps that’s because putting them together requires a bit more work than writing a blog post. We don’t mind. We have a team of creative people who love the infographic concept.

Blog posts are fantastic. Videos are great. But sometimes only an infographic will do. If you would like to learn more about how we create and promote infographics, do not hesitate to reach out. Infographic content could be just what you need to reach that segment of your audience that doesn’t respond to traditional written content as well as you would like.

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