Digital Marketing Agency vs. In-House

Digital Marketing Agency vs. In-House - Webtek Digital Marketing - A team sits in front of a woman presenting on a digital whiteboard

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Digital Marketing Agency vs. In-House - Webtek Digital Marketing - A team sits in front of a woman presenting on a digital whiteboard

You and your management team have come to the conclusion that more effort needs to be put into digital marketing. You ran a search on ‘digital marketing near me’ and found plenty of digital marketing agencies your company could go with. But some of the management team wants to keep marketing in-house. Which is the better option?

The debate over in-house vs. professional agency marketing has been around since the early days of Madison Avenue advertising. It carried over into the digital marketing world back in the 1990s. The debate always boils down to the same thing: value. What are you getting for the amount of time, effort, and money your company is putting into marketing?

In the digital marketing arena, you need to account for the following:

Marketing Tools and Software

Effective digital marketing involves specialized tools and software. Both cost money. Without them though, it is very difficult to compete. Digital marketing agencies like Webtek already have the tools and software.

Note that you are not guaranteed digital marking success even with the tools and software. You need to know how to use what is at your disposal. A digital marketing agency has the knowledge and experience that your in-house team may not have.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing isn’t a singular practice.  Marketers have access to of variety of strategies ranging from PPC advertising to content marketing and SEO services. Even social media can be leveraged as an effective strategy. In-house marketing teams with inadequate knowledge can let the most effective strategies go to waste. Not so for successful marketing agencies. They have the ability to choose the right strategies and employ them effectively.

Budgetary Constraints

Hiring and maintaining an in-house digital marketing team can get expensive. Without even paying for software and marketing tools, just keeping a marketing team on the payroll could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Five staff members at $50K works out to $250K annually.

Though there are exceptions to the rule, it is not unusual to get an entire team of marketing experts for the price of one, by outsourcing digital marketing to an agency like Webtek. Likewise, a digital marketing agency is better equipped to know how to spend budgeted resources. They know what to target in terms of specific marketing tools, research, and so forth.

Industry Expertise at a Digital Marketing Agency vs. In House

Your management team and employees are experts in whatever field your business operates in. You are not all experts or specialists in digital marketing. Likewise, the entire Webtek team has the digital marketing industry expertise your staff members lack. In short, you are experts at what you do, we are experts in digital marketing.

Access to Data

Successful digital marketing is a two-way street. It involves reaching out to potential customers as well as gathering data that is leveraged to improve marketing efforts on-the-fly. As experts in the field, we have access to all sorts of data in-house marketing teams don’t even know about.

The right data informs us as to how to best market a client’s products and services. It informs us as to which previous marketing efforts succeeded and which failed. Finally, it helps us fine-tune our own efforts to maximize ROI.

Your search for ‘digital marketing near me’ has left you with a decision: do you keep digital marketing in-house or outsource it to a marketing agency? Remember the value concept. Dollar-for-dollar, you are likely to get more for your money by outsourcing. A digital marketing agency can do much more for considerably less thanks to its expertise, knowledge, and selection of tools and software.

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