Digital Press Releases

Building strong brand awareness is all about getting your organization out there. It involves building solid relationships, establishing long-lasting connections, and influencing media. These are all things we seek to accomplish through digital press releases. Through PR writing and syndication, we put your products and services in front of those who most need to see them.

Digital press releases are similar to traditional press releases in some ways, but quite different in others. They are similar in terms of their intent: to inform your audience of relevant information regarding your business, your staff, etc. What makes them different is the distribution model.


In the days before the internet, written press releases were distributed to local and national media outlets by way of printed documents. One had to be careful to choose the right outlets because resources were limited. Reaching hundreds of outlets with a single submission was impractical, at best. Today, we distribute digital press releases online.

Online syndication allows us to place press releases with targeted distributors. Those distributors know exactly where to place press releases for maximum exposure. The result is a more targeted press release being put in front of those people and organizations most likely to benefit from it.


The primary goal of the press release has not changed in the digital era. Its main role is to disseminate newsworthy information about your organization. But thanks to digital distribution, there is an added benefit the press releases of old did not offer: improved SEO performance.

At WebTek, we craft press releases with the knowledge that digital syndication equals online publishing. As such, every published press release represents yet another opportunity to strengthen SEO. Every published piece as an opportunity to drive more traffic and convert more visitors.

With that in mind, we pay attention to the following when creating press releases:

  • Targeted keywords
  • Topical relevance
  • Inbound link potential
  • Content quality
  • Proper structure.


Though there are multiple ways to structure press releases, it is not a free-for-all. Press releases are expected to follow a basic format. Those that do not instantly lose credibility. This is why it is so important to have an experienced writer handle your press releases.


A big part of our digital press release service is crafting press releases that keep search engines happy. Understand that modern search algorithms can distinguish between quality content and junk. They can tell the difference between a genuine press release and one that is nothing more than sales copy. And make no mistake about it, search engines punish sales copy passed off as a press releases.

Digital press releases are the best tool we have for disseminating important organizational news through online syndication. If you have important news you want to get out, we invite you to contact us. Let us talk about how our press release service can increase your exposure by putting your news in front of those who really need to see it.

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