How Many Types of Ecommerce Marketing Do You Know About

How Many Types of Ecommerce Marketing Do You Know About | Webtek Marketing

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How Many Types of Ecommerce Marketing Do You Know About | Webtek Marketing

What would you say if someone on the Webtek team told you that ecommerce marketing isn’t a single entity? It’s true. There are different types of ecommerce marketing. An ecommerce operator could focus on just one or two or apply all as needed. That’s one of the more exciting aspects of promoting ecommerce businesses.

Just as digital marketing differs from its legacy counterpart in multiple ways, ecommerce marketing can be quite a bit different compared to standard digital marketing. Here’s why:

  • User intent is different
  • Both on- and off-site search engines matter
  • Search engines rank in different ways
  • Social media plays a role.

An online retailer should either understand all the implications of ecommerce marketing or hire an outside agency. The landscape is far too competitive to just throw up a few products and hope for the best. With that said, a few of the many different types of ecommerce marketing are described below.

On-Site Search Engine Marketing

An ecommerce operator running an exclusive website doesn’t face on-site competition from others. But when a retailer sells on a platform like Amazon or eBay, the competition is very real. These third-party sites all have their own search engines that need to be accounted for.

Marketing to search engines is about making sure your product listings rank as high as possible on internal searches. There are specific ways to do this. On Amazon, for example, you must be cognizant of keywords, product descriptions, customer reviews, and more.

Off-Site Search Engine Marketing

Ecommerce marketing also needs to account for off-site search engines like Google and Bing. To do so, you must possess a basic understanding of SEO. It is a little bit trickier simply because there are so many products people can buy online, but if you can master both on- and off-site search, you can do pretty well.

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that ecommerce operators too easily dismiss. It’s normal to disassociate online retail from email, but the two actually go together quite well. If you can spur action via email, you can encourage a person who already possesses an intent to buy to go directly to your site or product pages. Then your chances of making a sale go up dramatically.

Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

Few other online platforms offer the kind of reach you can get from social media. As such, social media marketing can be a game-changer for any type of business. It can certainly win the day in ecommerce. Its strength lies in user interaction. More simply, likes and shares translate into action. Figure out how to tap into a social media audience and your ecommerce sales should grow.

Ecommerce Marketing is a Large Niche

In fairness, none of these marketing methods are exclusive to commerce. They are all adapted to it. Nonetheless, marketing takes on a different tone and purpose when you are working in the ecommerce realm. It is all based on the idea that shoppers already have an intent to buy. You market to convince them to buy from you.

The intent to buy makes it easier to drive traffic. But convincing visitors to buy is another thing altogether. That is where marketing must be especially attractive in terms of product descriptions, keywords, and even calls to action.

Webtek Digital Marketing offers ecommerce marketing services to companies throughout Salt Lake City, Austin, and the rest of the country. If you would like to know more about how we can help your ecommerce operation sell more, reach out to us at any time.

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