Why a Responsive Website is Important for Better Search Rankings

Back in the late 2000’s when responsive web design was picking up speed, a lot of website owners weren’t ready to take the plunge in creating an all-new responsive website. After all, most people at that point were only looking at web pages on a computer or tablet, and most web design could tolerate those […]

Google Lighthouse Extension More Educational Than Practical

If haven’t yet heard the news, Google has added an SEO Audit feature to its Lighthouse developer’s extension. Industry experts are all recommending that SEO developers add the extension to their toolbox if they have not already done so. We would agree, but we would also offer a word of caution: Lighthouse is more educational […]

Game-Changing Search Trends to Watch in 2018

The evolution of the internet requires search engines to continually make changes that guarantee results reflecting the wants and needs of users. Every few years, those changes amount to systemic upgrades that fundamentally alter the way online marketers do what they do. Some of the changes in store for 2018 could be that significant.

Beta Google Search Console Ready for SEO Developers

SEO developers lucky enough to have access to Google’s new Search Console for the last several months have also had the opportunity to help steer its direction. Now the party is open to everyone. Google announced earlier this month that the new Search Console is available to all verified users.

The Amazing Benefits of an SEO-PPC Marriage

Those of us involved in SEO and digital marketing can easily fall into a state of tunnel vision. We like to call it ‘operating in silos’, because it sounds better, but it is the same thing no matter what you name it. We get so focused on individual components like search engine results pages (SERPs) […]

Case Study: 2 Keys to Revitalizing Your E-Commerce Site

  You run an e-commerce site that seemed to be doing quite well in its early stages. You were seeing excellent traffic; your conversion rates were more than adequate; your online enterprise was growing just as you had hoped it would. But then something happened. You noticed that your site was not producing as well […]

Google Partners Digital Breakfast Coming Up on September 22nd!

On Thursday, September 22nd at 9:00am at Church & State, WebTek Interactive is teaming up with Google to bring a Digital Breakfast to the Salt Lake business community. You’re invited to sign up and join us for an exclusive, live event co-hosted by Google. At the event you’ll enjoy breakfast on us, and learn about […]

8 New Google Innovations: Marketers, Take Note!

Last Tuesday, six Google executives got on stage and dished out some important (and exciting) information on some near-future Google innovations and product updates. We got together and livestreamed the Google Ads and Analytics Innovations Keynote at WebTek and wanted to share what we’re most excited about and the ones that pertain most to our […]