Common Google My Business Mistakes for Healthcare Practices

A Google My Business (GMB) profile is a great tool for helping new patients find your healthcare practice. If nothing else, GMB is a local search powerhouse. Healthcare practices not taking advantage of it or making Google MY Business Mistakes are losing out on the potential to reach a much wider local audience. As with […]

Why Your Legal Website Is Not Generating Leads?

Legal SEO

Your law firm has invested time, effort, and money into building a website. Yet your site isn’t generating the expected leads. Why? In all likelihood, there is more than one reason your legal website isn’t generating leads. There could be a half-dozen or more. A website is a highly complex marketing tool. And just like […]

5 Tips for Generating More Patients from Your Healthcare Website

Your healthcare practice website is more than just an internet-based business card. It is an online tool for making every aspect of your practice accessible to your patients as needed. It is also your number one tool for generating new patients. Understand that your practice is a business as much as an avenue for dispensing […]

Is Your Site Speed Fast Enough? Why It Matters for SEO.

Some things we want to be slow – like walks on the beach and sunsets. Then there are those things that are not really worth the time unless they are fast. We are thinking roller coasters and race cars here. Did you know that your website belongs in the fast site speed category? It should […]

Legal SEO: Reputation Management and the Importance of Reviews

Legal SEO

People talk. You know that; you’re a lawyer. You also know that what people say matters. A person’s entire reputation can be built up or destroyed simply by what other people say. Well, guess what? The same is true for your law firm. What people think and say about your firm heavily influences your firm’s […]

Why Featured Snippets Are SEO’s Best Friend?

Web users old enough to remember what Google search results were like way back in 1998 know full well how much the world’s number one search engine has evolved over the years. As web user preferences have changed, Google has changed in order to serve up the data they want. One of the more recent […]

Telehealth Is Here to Stay – Does Your Marketing Address It?

Healthcare SEO has taken on new urgency thanks to fallout from the coronavirus crisis. That urgency is observed in the sudden emergence of telehealth as a viable healthcare delivery option. Simply put, telehealth is here to stay. Now that physicians and patients alike have had a taste of it, there is no going back. As […]

BERT Has Finally Arrived – Here’s What You Need to Know

Google open sourced its Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) neural network in November 2018. That was the first many of us heard of BERT. Now it’s official. BERT was launched for English language searches at the end of October. It is only a matter of time before it is universal.

3 Things You Can Do to Maximize Mobile Search

In announcing its mobile-first index in 2018, Google set the stage for where it expects internet use to go in the future. There is no doubt that mobility is playing an ever-important role in the lives of day-to-day internet users. That has all of the search engines concentrating heavily on mobile search. If you are […]

Resource Page Link Building: What It Is and Why It Works

Backlinks are like gold in the online marketing world. All whole bunch of backlinks from quality sites can do big things for your SERP performance. They create relevance, they improve your site’s reputation, they drive traffic, and they most certainly get Google’s attention. One of the best ways to take advantage of high-quality backlinks is […]