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Blog Management
On-page SEO can help your blog rank better - image of someone typing on a laptop with a 2d popout that says 'blog'

Using On-Page SEO to Optimize Blog Posts

The first thing to understand is just how important a business blog is. Consumer surveys show that more than half of internet users have purchased a product or service after reading a blog post from the company in question. If you want that kind of action on your blog posts, customers need to be able to find them. And finding them requires optimizing blog posts for SEO.

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Digital Marketing Agency vs. In-House - Webtek Digital Marketing - A team sits in front of a woman presenting on a digital whiteboard
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency vs. In-House

The debate over in-house vs. professional agency marketing has been around since the early days of Madison Avenue advertising. It carried over into the digital marketing world back in the 1990s. The debate always boils down to the same thing: value. What are you getting for the amount of time, effort, and money your company is putting into marketing?

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