Blog Management

If your organization’s website includes a blog – and it should – how frequently is it updated? Data suggests that 92% of those organizations that blog multiple times per day reap measurable benefits, including improved customer acquisition. But when you are updating that often, a blog can quickly get out of control. That’s where blog management comes in.

Blog management is a service we offer in conjunction with content creation. It includes:

  • keyword research
  • topic identification and selection
  • content creation
  • post scheduling
  • social media promotion.

Letting us manage your blog affords you all the benefits of regular blogging without all the work. In addition, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your blog is being managed by professionals with a proven track record.


Blogging multiple times per day is a great idea. Just understand that doing so is about more than just creating content. You need content that engages and informs. It needs to be content that your intended audience will not choose to ignore. Professional blog management is the key to making it work.

Our keyword research tells us what keywords and phrases we should be focusing on to maximize the SEO benefits of your blog. Our research into relevant topics tells us what your readers want to read. Combine the two and you have a blog that delivers usable information in addition to SEO benefits. This is ultimately what you want.

We tie it all together with high quality content crafted by experienced writers who know their stuff. Our writers are not hobbyists who throw together posts as a side gig. They are seasoned professionals well-versed in creating quality content that informs, engages, and performs well on search engines.


We combine the nuts and bolts of creating fantastic content with a framework of scheduling and promotion. Simply put, our blog management services include scheduling your posts to ensure consistent updates well-suited to positive search ranking. Moreover, every scheduled post is promoted on social media. We provide links directly to your content, thereby increasing authority by improving relevance.

If nothing else, scheduling and promotion are tasks you do not have to worry about when you allow us to manage your blog. That saves you and your staff critical time that you could invest in more important things. Your time is valuable to you, right?


It is a given that a company blog can be an excellent marketing and SEO tool if utilized effectively. But a blog can quickly get out of control if it is not managed. We believe professional blog management is as important as any of our other SEO services for the simple fact that leaving your blog to chance could actually harm SEO performance.

Why not take your blog to the next level by allowing us to manage it for you? You will get excellent results and alleviate your staff from the responsibility of having to maintain it. You cannot ask for more.

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