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Does your company post regular blog content? If not, why not? Blog posts are one of the most effective tools for generating inbound links and driving traffic. In fact, companies that routinely post blog content enjoy 97% more inbound links than companies that do not.


Blog posts are invaluable because they generate traffic. They generate traffic in one of two ways: organic search results and inbound links. If your company is not regularly producing blog content, you are missing out on both.


Organic search results are those that appear in the main body of search engine results pages (SERPs). You enter a keyword, hit the ‘search’ button, and wait for results to pop up. All those unpaid results are organic results. One of the goals of producing regular blog content is to get your pages to show up in those results.

The more blog posts on your website, the more opportunities you have to get your results to show up organically. It is a simple matter of math. You are much more likely to achieve good organic search results with ten blog posts as opposed to no blog content at all.


If organic search results are good, inbound links are better. Other websites link to your blog posts when they feel your content is relevant, trustworthy, and informative. Readers see those links and immediately make a decision about following them. Those that follow are likely to associate your post with some level of authority.

Did you know that Google includes inbound links among their ranking factors? Inbound links establish credibility. They establish authority and relevance. The more inbound links your blog posts generate, the higher your pages will be ranked for the associated keywords.


We wouldn’t be telling the whole story if we didn’t mention the importance of quality content. Effective blogging requires more than slapping five hundred words together and giving the piece a title. Blog content works only when it is crafted correctly. As such, the quality of your content shouldn’t be negotiable. You need the best possible quality to achieve the best possible results.

Quality is defined by a variety of parameters:

  • SEO optimization
  • Topical relevance
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Logical flow.


Needless to say, there are right and wrong ways to craft blog content. Get it right and the payoff can be huge.


It should be self-evident as to why blog content is so important to SEO success. Armed with that knowledge, it is time for your company to start blogging. A new blog post monthly is the bare minimum. We recommend posting new content more frequently. 

In all likelihood, you don’t have a staff member with the time, resources, and skill to write blog posts capable of achieving the best possible results. That’s okay. We do. We produce blog content based on current best practices. It is content that produces excellent organic search results and generates inbound links.

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