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Does your SEO company offer blog writing services? If so, are they creating blog posts using SEO practices that will ensure good page ranking? These two questions are important ones for any website owner who could benefit from an active blog presence.

To be sure, blogging is not an appropriate strategy for every website. A site for financial investors looking at stock tickers and Forex trading is but one example. The types of individuals visiting these sites are not interested in reading blog posts when they are trying to find out what’s hot and what’s cold. Nevertheless, for a site where blogging is appropriate sound SEO practices need to be employed.

Blog Content

Knowing Today’s SEO

Before blogging content creation even begins, you need to make sure your SEO company is up to date with the modern environment. Search engine optimization is no longer just about finding a couple of keywords and placing them in the introduction and conclusion of a blog post. There is a lot more to it including:

  • keyword portfolios
  • establishing appropriate back links an inbound links
  • integrating blog with social media channels
  • developing relevant content without being punished for duplication

Blogging as an Internet marketing strategy has been growing steadily for the last five or six years. That means creating content to take advantage of SEO principles is more important than ever. Any SEO company worth its weight will have a proven track record of creating blog content for SEO.

Don’t Marry your SEO Strategy

In all of this, there is one important caveat: do not allow yourself or your site to be married to one or two SEO strategies. Why? In order for you to get maximum results from standard SEO, you will have to pay dearly for targeted advertising, paid links, etc. There is another way to go about it that is significantly less expensive while offering a higher yield. That method known as content marketing.

If you apply content marketing to your blog strategy, you can generate a very large number of links in a very short amount of time. The more links your blog can generate the better page ranking you will enjoy and the more traffic you will see. Content marketing involves a combination of linking multiple channels and integrating other tools with your blog post.

As an example, linking your blogs to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube goes a long way in generating links and page ranking. Believe it or not, Google now inspect Facebook’s millions of pages in order to learn what people are talking about. Just by building a steady following, you can make it more likely your blog stays at the top of search engine results.

In terms of other tools you can use, the infographic is just one example. Right now, the infographic is one of the hottest ways to present data in a way that is visually appealing yet concise. A properly constructed infographic grabs the attention of readers in order to present them with targeted information relevant to the topic at hand.

Combining infographics with blog content creates a dynamic pairing that produces real results. The nice thing about the infographic that can also be incorporated into your social media channels. Imagine a creative infographic being shared among a dozen fans that they share with everyone else on their friend list. Just a dozen Facebook users can spread your infographics to thousands of others.

Creating blog content for SEO should be a standard practice for all online marketers. If you are not using SEO to your advantage, you are not doing your blog posts or your website justice.

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