Autumn Is Here – Start Preparing for the Shopping Season Now

Autumn Is Here – Start Preparing for the Shopping Season Now

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Autumn Is Here – Start Preparing for the Shopping Season Now

Autumn’s arrival signals the need to start thinking about the seasonal e-commerce shopping season. Even if your business is not directly involved in retail, seasonal opportunities should not be taken lightly. Making the most of the period between mid-October and early January starts with preparation. Now is the time to get preparations underway.

Preparing for the annual season is especially important for retailers and ecommerce operators. If you are a brick-and-mortar store owner, Black Friday is arguably your biggest sales day of the year. For ecommerce sellers, it is Cyber Monday.

Here at Webtek Digital Marketing, we specialize in all things marketing and SEO. If we can help you make the most of the annual shopping season, do not hesitate to get in touch. We can get started working on new campaigns right away. In the meantime, we have compiled a short list of the most important preparations your company should be making over the next few weeks.

1. Adjust Your Email Campaigns

Regardless of what you have decided to do to make the coming shopping season special for your customers, they need to know about it in advance. Maybe you are planning a significant sale. Perhaps you want people to book your services in advance of the busy season so that they don’t get left out. Whatever the case might be, one of the best ways to let them know well in advance is through email.

Now is the time to adjust your strategic email campaigns to prepare your customers for what is coming. Email marketing remains an effective way to reach customers with targeted messages that can be personalized to each recipient.

2. Create Seasonal Landing Pages

You are obviously going to want to make some seasonal adjustments to your SEO strategies over the next several months. Remember, there is always a delay between modifying an SEO campaign and seeing the results it generates. So don’t wait.

One thing you should be doing right now is developing the seasonal landing pages you will be incorporated into your SEO modifications. Have the landing pages approved and ready to go as soon as you make changes to your SEO.

3. Refocus Your Content Marketing

Content is one of your best tools for taking advantage of seasonal trends. So step back and think about how the annual shopping season affects your business. Then create content around that.

Maybe you are in the healthcare industry. Create content around how to maintain optimal health as things get increasingly more hectic toward the end of the year. If you run a construction business, create content that invites your customers to devote part of the holiday budget to home renovations.

The point of all this is to say that your content over the next couple of months should be aimed at taking advantage of the things your customers normally do at this time of year. Put yourself in their shoes and create content accordingly.

4. Invest in Social PPC

Social media is busy throughout the year. During the annual shopping season, the entire dynamic changes. You can make the most of your social media marketing by investing in PPC advertising. Social PPC is highly targetable, highly scalable, and flexible enough to take advantage of seasonal trends that come and go quickly.

Not every business is dramatically impacted by the holiday shopping season. But most are. If yours is among the impacted group, now is the time to start preparing for what is coming. Waiting too long means not making the most of your marketing and SEO opportunities. Don’t let that happen or you just might regret it come February.

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