4 Marketing Ideas for Father’s Day

4 Marketing Ideas for Father's Day

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4 Marketing Ideas for Father's Day

The third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s Day – at least in North America. But it is a holiday celebrated around the world on different days. That tells us just how important fathers are. It also tells us that Father’s Day is a holiday you should not ignore in terms of marketing.

Mother’s Day gets a ton of attention, as it should. Mothers play a unique role in the lives of their children, a role that cannot be replicated by anyone else. But the same is true for fathers. This Father’s Day, help your customers celebrate with their own dads by also helping them remember just how important their dads are to them.

To that end, here are four marketing ideas to consider:

1. Tell a Story

You already know that effective marketing is about telling a story. Do not waste that knowledge by not doing something for Father’s Day. Develop some sort of ad campaign or online content that tells a story. You might create a video that somehow demonstrates the special relationship between father and child. You might write a piece of content talking about dad as a hero.

Here is the point: stories are powerful marketing tools. Make a connection with a good story and you make a connection with your customers. And by the way, you can make this connection even if your customers are exclusively women. Tell a powerful store that connects with them, and they are sure to remember your company next time they purchase your products or services.

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2. Create an Infographic

Infographics are fantastic tools for presenting essential information in bite-sized chunks. This is perfect for Father’s Day, given that men are not typically window shoppers. They like to get in, get out, and get on with their lives. Guess what? They deal with information in much the same way. They want you to get to the point.

An infographic targeting a subject important to men is one possible suggestion for easily-digestible Father’s Day marketing. Another infographic designed to help wives and children better understand their husbands and fathers is another idea. Whatever topic you choose should paint a positive picture of dad.

3. Blitz Social Media

Use your social media channels to do a Father’s Day blitz in the weeks prior to your marketing campaigns. Remind your customers just how important their fathers are. Encourage them to show their dads how much they appreciate them. And while you’re at it, suggest ways they can show their appreciation whether they spend a dime or not. Social media can be your platform for championing fathers everywhere.

4. Create a Father’s Day Gift Line

If your company sells retail products, see if you can tailor your inventory to offer special Father’s Day gifts. You might have to bring in some special inventory to do so, but it could prove to be well worth your while. Here are some of the most popular gifts fathers seem to appreciate:

  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Gift cards
  • Books
  • Car accessories
  • Sporting goods.

You are undoubtedly going to advertise the gifts in the weeks leading up to the big day. Make sure your marketing is appropriate to the message kids and their mothers want to convey. They want to thank dad for all of his hard work. They want dad to know that his influence is positive. He wants to know that he is making a difference in their lives.

Father’s Day is the day we set aside to honor fathers and all they do. Though it is not about marketing, you can still use the day to boost your business. Hopefully, the suggestions offered in this post have given you a starting point.

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