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Launch New Products and Services.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm, known as A9, is concerned only about relevance and productivity. Relevance is easy enough when you are launching new products. You create SEO optimized listings that tell the A9 algorithm exactly what you’re selling. As for productivity, that is another matter.


We established our product launching services because we understand that the productivity issue is a trap for people who do not understand how Amazon works. Productivity, a.k.a. sales velocity, is determined through a combination of click-through rate and conversion rate.

Our Product Launching Packages Include:

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Creating Promotional Content (Text & Graphics)
  • Digital PR (Press Release Syndication & Social Outreach)
  • * Optional Monthly Paid & Organic Management

Doing Things Differently


Are you confused yet? If so, here’s the problem: it’s hard to rank high in Amazon SERPs without sales, but it is nearly impossible to generate significant sales without landing at the top of the SERPs for a given product. So what do you do? Overcoming the trap that is sales velocity takes a combination of knowledge, skill, and hard work. But it is by no means impossible. Put us to the test and see for yourself.


What so many Amazon sellers misunderstand is the fact that Amazon’s search engine does things differently. You can’t treat it like Google or Bing. Remember that those general search engines are just that: search engines that link to all sorts of information in a vast sea of online data. Amazon is a retail site. Its only goal is to sell.


We want you to succeed whenever you launch a new product on Amazon. We are here to help. Our Amazon product launching services are just what you need to get every listing off on the right foot.

Product Launching Packages

Our product launch services start at $1,000.
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