Amazon PPC Services

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We will use Amazon Advertising Platform to Promote your
Amazon Product Listings within Amazon.

We are specialists in everything paid media. This includes Amazon PPC. Work with us and we will help you win PPC with dynamic and results-driven campaigns that will expose your listings to more buyers. Every buyer reached offers the potential for a new sale. That’s what this is all about, right?


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Our Amazon PPC packages include:

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Campaign Creation
  • Creating Multiple Campaign Types (Sponsored Products & Brands, Automatic & Manual Targeting)
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Daily Bid Management

We Can Help You Win PPC


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is no longer the exclusive domain of Google and its direct competitors. PPC is now a strategy utilized by Amazon to help sellers reach more customers. In fact, Amazon PPC has been around for a while now. Just search for any product on the site and you’ll see for yourself. Amazon SERPs display paid advertisements at the top and bottom, just like Google.


Amazon PPC is becoming exponentially more popular with each passing year. With so many more sellers paying for ads, Amazon PPC has reached critical mass. Your ads are not going to make it to the top the list if you don’t optimize them according to the Amazon PPC best practices.


Understand that paid advertising on Amazon is different than Google PPC. Amazon has different search priorities. The company also has different goals. They don’t just want clicks, they want buyers. These things need to be accounted for when developing an ad campaign for Amazon.

Amazon PPC Packages

Our Amazon PPC Services start at $500/Month. There is no Minimum Spend. To request a quote or learn more, please submit the form below.