Among the many questions that SEO providers field, two are particularly mystifying. The first one is, “are SEO and PPC the same thing?” The second question goes something like, “is PPC a better strategy than SEO?” Both questions demonstrate a widespread misunderstanding of how SEO and PPC work among website owners.

We do not say this to be insulting or antagonizing. Rather, the point is to let you know that you are not alone if the whole SEO thing mystifies you. There’s a lot to it. You cannot expect to be an SEO and PPC expert if you don’t do it for a living. Fortunately, Webtek Digital Marketing is in your corner. We are here to be the expert for you.

Broad vs. Narrow Approach

There are many notable differences between SEO and PPC. The main one is that SEO is a broad approach to increasing both site traffic and conversion while PPC is a much narrower approach. Incidentally, PPC is a component of SEO.

For the record, SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. It is a set of tools and strategies designed to ensure that web pages rank as high as possible for a set of chosen keywords. As statistics continually prove, the highest ranked pages get the most traffic.

PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’. It is a form of digital advertising offered by search engines and online properties like Facebook. It is based on designing SEO-rich ads that encourage people to click through.

Improving Organic Traffic

Another significant difference between SEO and PPC is the difference between organic and paid traffic. When you type search terms into the Google search box, most of the results that appear in the main body of the page are organic results. In other words, the companies behind them didn’t pay for placement.

Organic results are generated by search engine indexing and ranking. The vast majority of search engine clicks are made through organic results.

PPC campaigns generate paid ads. At one time, these ads appeared on the right side of the Google search page. These days, they can appear at the top, the bottom, or even in the middle. The search engines are making it increasingly more difficult to tell the difference without paying close attention to the text underneath the main listing.

At any rate, paying for search engine results certainly can increase your traffic. But you still have to construct your ads using fundamental SEO principles to get them to show up where you want them to.

SEO and PPC Cost

The final difference we want to point out is related to cost. If you know how to handle SEO and you can do it properly, it costs you nothing. However, it does cost time. Optimizing your site for search engine performance isn’t a one-and-done exercise.

PPC always costs no matter who creates and places ads. The nice thing about PPC is that you only pay as needed. Every click increases your bill. However, you don’t pay if people don’t click.

The one thing to remember about cost is that paying for SEO services is worthwhile most of the time. The pace at which internet technology changes really demands that experts handle all things SEO. And as long as your SEO provider does a good job, their services will pay for themselves by way of increased traffic and more conversions.

Webtek Digital Marketing offers comprehensive SEO services, PPC ad campaigns, and more. Contact us to learn about our full menu of services and how they might be applied to grow your business online.